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Jun 4, 2006 01:25 PM

Carribean fruit: guinep aka Quenette, Honey Berry, Spanish lime

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I am looking for this tropical fruit -- it's season in NY has started and I saw someone with it two weeks ago, but I can't find it for sale . . looking for it, esp, near chinatown in manhattan. In the past I've seen it for sale in small bunches at a street fruit stand in Queens and on the street in the carribean. It's a green fruit sold in small clusters still on the stems.

you eat it by putting it into your mouth, piercing skin with teeth, and then squeeze skin to pop inside into your mouth and then you hold it in your mouth until there's just the pit like part which you spit out.

description of the fruit from a web site:
This fruit has a rough but thin green skin with soft jelly-like flesh. The slightly tart guinep grows in bunches and are usually eaten a small bunch a time. The pulp is used, juiced with limes and/or ginger to make a refreshing drink


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  1. When I lived in DC, I bought bags of these from Latin American street vendors and they called them mamón (which also means papaya in some Spanish-speaking countries and, incidentally, whole host of semi-vulgar non-culinary meanings). Here in Spain, I have seen them called mamoncillo. Not sure if that will help you track them down.

    1. Funny the only place I've seen it sold is by fruit vendors, the kind with the carts in midtown manhattan. Seen it on lots of those carts (though I admit this info is dated since I no longer work in manhattan).

      1. I've occasionally found these at street vendors in NYC, and these can definitely be found in Brooklyn (ask a Caribbean Brooklyn-dweller for specifics).

        1. good fruit salad from vendors at Red Hook Fields, weekends

          1. I used to buy these in a bodega in the lower east side when I was a kid...try a latino grocery.