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May 30, 2006 10:02 AM

Looking for some fried okra

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Is there a restaurant (even if it's a pickup/hole in the wall) that serves authentic southern fried okra, I've gone to a couple of places, but it's just been junk compared the what you can get down South. I miss it so much!

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  1. I had some excellent fried okra at Amy Ruth's (Harlem) this weekend. There was just enough batter, not caked on like most places!

    Also, it's the first place I've been that fries the entire okra instead of chopping it. Yum.

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      I like Amy Ruth's too. And they've got other yummy southern dishes to go with. don't forget the coconut lemon cake. better than any bakery version

    2. I make mine myself...after living in Houston in the past and am now back in California, I had to...it's real easy...you can buy frozen cut okra at most grocery stores...let them partially defrost. Put in buttermail and strain excess off. Toss in a mixture of half flour and half corn meal with some cajun seasoning and fry in canola oil. Salt when done. I eat it all the time.