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May 17, 2006 08:11 AM


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Anyone know where I can get the best pernil, preferably in downtown Manhattan? Thanks . . . .

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  1. Don't know about "best" but Sophie's Cuban, which has an outpost on New Street in the Wall STreet area, offers pernil regularly (if not daily). Longish lines there attest to good food, and good value.

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      Casa Adela, on Avenue C and 5th Street. Delicious. They have the best rotisserie chicken as well.

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        Thanks so very much! I don't live too far from Casa Adela, and can't wait to give it a try.
        Again--thank you.

    2. Don't know if it's the best and it's not in manhattan, sorry. It's in Brooklyn.

      La Fey is the on the corner of 36th St and 4th Av, right there when you come out of the subway (D/M/N/R) at the 36th St stop. Pink exterior, with large windows.

      The pernil comes from the better part of a whole pig, which is in a large dish under aluminum foil behind the counter. They pull the meat off with tongs, which appears to take no effort at all. It is served with a chunk of the skin, dripping with fat and with a couple of lime or lemon wedges on top. The neighborhood is almost entirely latino, but the staff are friendly even to us gringos.

      And the pernil is the best I've had. Slightly garlicky, drenched in fat, and not too salty. One order of pernil w/ rice and beans is around $6 (or was it $5?) and will feed 3 waifish hipsters or one large voracious sports fan. I am overfull after eating 2/3 of it.

      Caveat: I've never been to Casa Adela. I'll have to check it out. Sofie's is good, but La Fey is better.

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        We are going to get a menu and try this place this Friday, Thanks!!!!!!

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          That sounds so good. I'll definitely check it out next time I'm anywhere near-ish to Sunset Park. Give Casa Adela a try sometime - totally worth it.

        2. thanks for the La Fey tip, this is pushing all the right buttons.

          been sad ever since El Rincon Boricua (in spanish harlem) moved back to PR....

          –The Porkchop Express

          1. The Pernil at Sofrito is huge and toothsome

            400 E 57th Street (Cross Street: Between 1st Avenue and Sutton Place)
            New York, NY 10022View Map
            (212) 754-5999
            Directions: N, R, W at 59th St; 4, 5, 6 at 59th St

            1. Haven't been to the Sucelt Coffee Shop, a shoe box on West 14th street, in a while, but they never disappointed me. Have it with some plantains and plenty of spanish coffee.