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May 10, 2006 12:37 AM

Looking for place that serves good mussels

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I've been to Cafe Bruxelles and have looked at the mediocre reviews on Citysearch regarding Petite Abeille. Any suggestions for place to go for dinner just to have a simple pot of mussels. Thanks!

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  1. Azul Bistro - Lower East Side serves a great mussels appetizer.

    Service isn't great for a full meal but it would be a great place for a bucket and a Quilmes (tasty Aregntinian beer) or Malbec. Very small bar, I'd get there early.

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    1. re: Scott V

      I love great mussels, and am always on the lookout for them in Gotham. Some of the best I've had here are at Casimir on Avenue B (better known as "Avenue Bistro") between E. 5th - 6th Street. The mussels are under $14 and are moist and sweet with a superb broth to sop up the delicious bread that is served with them.

      Close your eyes and you can almost feel as if you are in a small cafe in Bruxelles . . . . Open them, and you realize you are in the funky East Village! Yeah!!!

      1. re: eastvillagegirl

        How many times have you had moules marinieres at Casimir? I ordered them once years ago and at that time they were barely passable. It would be great to hear that they have become dependable.

        1. re: Pan

          I meet friends there regularly and we have the mussels, and have not been disappointed. I would say -- give it another shot. Let me know how it went . . . .

    2. I had a dish of mussels at BXL Cafe in NYC once. They have several different varieties, and come with fries. You'll find detractors of the place, but it really hit the spot for me.

      1. Try Artisanal. Huge mussels!!! And really well prepared...

        1. For me, mussels have to be small, sweet tasting and very clean (no sand), otherwise forget it. I'm not a fan of large, strong smelling mussels (sometimes called "wild mussels") - they're an acquired taste. So having set my likes and dislikes, I would recommend Jubilee, 347 E. 54th St., and Brasserie, 100 E. 53rd Street. By the way, both places make excellent fries as well. I have been disappointed by mussels at Cafe de Bruxelles. It's a nice place to have a beer.

          1. There was just a very positive review of the mussels from La Petite Abeille on the Manhattan board.