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Feb 19, 2006 09:43 PM

Giandujotto - Italian chocolate-hazelnut candy

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The NY Times did a feature on these candies this week. They are foil-wrapped, smooth chocolate-hazelnut nuggets. Does any place in Manhattan sell them? Thanks!

More info and pics:


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  1. Check Chelsea Market Baskets in Chelsea Markets. They sell Leonidas, which make those candies, and they are awesome!

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    1. re: Fred

      If Leonidas makes them, then they probably have them at the Leonidas shop at 485 Madison Avenue.

      1. re: Fred
        Jessica "Su Good Eats"

        I went to Chelsea Market and spotted Perugina brand candies in Buon Italia. (Didn't know about Leonidas). Ugh, they were horrible. I think they cut the chocolates with vegetable or butter fat.


      2. if you go to, they have the candies in several brands, and even a sugar free version by venchi, which are excellent.

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          I second Venchi chocolates. Sometimes, you can find them at Saks as well. I usually order them from And it's true that the sugar-free version is amazingly good.

        2. The original comment has been removed