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Feb 10, 2006 01:41 PM


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My husband is Guatemalan and so far, we have only found one Guatemalan restauarnat in all of New York. It is in Jamaica, Queens and to be honest, it is not worth the trip!

Does anyone know of any other GUATEMALAN restaurants in Brooklyn, the Bronx or Manhattan?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Sadly, I don't know of any. However, there are 2 or 3 stands selling Guatemalan food at the Red Hook ballfields (though they're robably not open for the season yet). Not great, but they at least fulfill my craving for rellenitos.

    1. Guatemala Restaurant
      4 Park Ave
      Newark, NJ

      Guatemala Bakery
      2908 Bergenline Ave
      Union City, NJ

      These places aren't in the boroughs but they are very close. They have been on my "to do " list for a very long time, but I have not had a chance to visit them. If you go please report back to us. Also let your husband know many markets in the Jackson Heights/Corona section of Queens carry Gallo(a type of beer) under the name Famosa.

      Another thought for you if you are willing to travel a bit farther: Stamford Connecticut has a very large population of Guatemalans and I think if you search on the tri-state board you can find some reviews of restaurants there. Its about 40 minutes on the New Haven line of Metro North. Also Palms Nightclub in Stamford is owned by a Guatemalan and very soon they will be celebrating Central American Independence Day with a marimba band from Guatemala City. I don’t know if they will be serving food.

      Wait, one last thought. The village of Brewster in Putnam county(outside of Danbury CT) has a significant Guate population too(from Chiquimula). I don’t know of any restaurants but it might be worth some searching, easy to get to on Metro North. Good Luck!

      1. Hey Sharon!
        I live in Brooklyn and am also from Guatemala. Haven't found any restaurants here unfortunately. Thank you for inquiring about this since I've been looking for places for a while. Another poster mentioned some places in Ct., thanks for that. Think I may give them a try. Also look forward to the rellenitos in Red Hook!

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          103-16 Roosevelt Ave.
          Corona, NY

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            Interesting. Their only other outlet in NY is in Brentwood, in Suffolk County. I've only been to the one in Adams-Morgan in D.C., but I know that when the one in Corona opened, there were lines down the block for weeks.

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              They have a place in Hempsead on Hemp Tpk. i likes it pretty good.

        2. Hey ..I noticed that people continue to post to my original question. Thanks for all the tips!! I have actually followed up on some of them.

          Made it to the ballfield in Redhook this past summer and I thought it was FANTASTIC. The tamales were the best ever (soft, tasty and NOT greasy) and the rellenitos were also to die for. If it is still open next year...I will definitely go back!

          Pollo Campero- been there...a few times. It is Ok ..not my favorite but does remind the hubby of home so I guess that is the good part.

          Have not ventured to Newark, though we did try a place in Trenton NJ. They have quite a few guatemalans out there. Can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was only mediocre anyway.

          Well unfortunately, no new places have popped up in new york since my last post. And so I have learned to make some of the traditional foods myself. I have gotten my hands on a good cookbook, which is out of print, called "False Tongues and Sunday Bread" by Copeland Marks.

          If anyone feels like opening a guatemalan restaurant in New York..let us know and we will be the first to visit : )


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