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Jan 11, 2006 10:47 AM

Boars Head pork sausage breakfast links?

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I have searched high and low for this product to no avail. Has this item been discontinued? Am I looking in the wrong places?

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  1. Here is the link you need:

    I did search diligently at the store to find sausage without SUGAR. Boars Head was the only one I found. Still, today I need to contact them to tell them that their sausage tasted as pure salt. It tasted like eating a handful of salt, and granules of sausage!

    We have to stop the junk that is sold to us for food. We pay double: with our money and with our health.

    1. Are you looking for the box that are all the same size or their handmade breakfast sauages . I found their handmade breakfast sauasges actually hidden in the frozen food aisle of Giunta’s Meat Farms in Farmingdale. Yes, they were hidden and only a few packages were available, too. From the front of the store and looking down the frozen food aisle, its the last frozen food display case on the left. Lower shelf. These are the good ones. Nice meaty ones. Alittle more expensive than the manufacturered mass produced ones but since I only get them from time to time they were worth it.

      1. Forgot to tell you. They are not pacakged in a box. They come wrapped in clear plastic on those stryofoam trays just like your fresh meat packages with the price per pound, weight and total price sticker.

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            I did a bing search for the same product to see if it's available by the case and caught this one.