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Jan 6, 2006 10:31 AM

soft style frozen dessert at A&S Dept Store Bklyn

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There used to be a type of soft ice-cream served with a chocolate or strawberry sauce I haven't tasted it since they closed , does anyone remember and is the product still around?

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  1. I just saw "A&S" and had to look, don't have this recipe but do have their "award winning" recipe for cheesecake. Best I've ever had.
    Living on Long Island, the only place to get "cool" (IE glitter or whatever) clothing in the early 70s was the one in Hempstead, we took a bus from Levittown, can't believe it I did it now. 59th st was about a half hour away but A&S was so easy. Maybe the ones further in were even better?

    1. I remember this at the Gertz (was it an A&S then? ) in the Broadway Mall (then mid island mall) They were served in parfeit (sp?) glasses, the vanilla soft serve with a spoon of the sauce. I don't think the sold anything else.
      Right at the back entrance to the store.

      I remember it being very different from other "frozen custards" of the time, very rich and creamy, not very hard or super cold. The portions were small and you just ate it very quickly. So it must have been softer than what we have now.

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        Phil - your comment is now 5 years old but did you ever find another source of that Gertz parfeit? It was the best ever - one of a kind! I remembered the little parfeit "shop" at the rear entrance just as you described. I couldn't have written it any better - right on down to the single spoon of syrup that was stuck into the glass just as you bought it! You must be an old-timer - like me!


      2. I was just talking about this with my husband the other night.
        I thought I had it at a department store named McCrory's that was near A&S. I could be wrong though, I am going back to around 1964. I do remember enjoying them!

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          If it's the same dessert I remember it was served at the counter in the basement of McCrory's and I, too, remember it being delicious! Not only the ice cream but the chocolate topping had a great flavor too. As a child, I always looked forward to having this wonderful treat when I went shopping on Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn with my mother. Nice memory.

        2. This brought back a lot of memories for me. I remember shopping at the same Gertz dept. store with my Mom and always stopping for the ice cream after we did some shopping. The way that soft ice cream mingled with the chocolate was truly delicious. It was a treat I always looked forward too.

          1. I remember these as being sold in the A&S basement on Fulton Street. It's almost 30 years since I moved away from Brooklyn, but I can still taste it even now. Extremely creamy, and perfect chocolate sauce and yep, in a parfait glass. McCrory had a lunch counter with cheap sandwiches, and while we'd wait for a seat, we'd watch this really old guy doing cooking gadget demos. Thanks for the memory!