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Where's the best babka in the city? I picked some up at Fairway Market on the Upper West Side last week, and it is excellent, but I know there must be some better babka out there. Chocolate Babka is my preference...

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  1. On the subject, I'm really pissed off at Aunt Heddy. If I couldn't get to Greenpoint, where the Polish babky bakeries are, Aunt Heddy's brand packaged babkas that I could buy at the supermarket were okay. They used to be, as it said right on the front of the label, "Butter Babka," but the last one I bought tasted funny. Looking at the ingredient list -- sure enough, no butter. I haven't bought one since.

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    2. I love Green's babka--I don't know if that's the one you picked up at Fairway. Zabar's and Russ & Daughters carry it.

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        Green's is luscious. Truly. It does the trick. Extremely chocolatey.
        They sell it at our local D'ag's in Park Slope.
        Blue cardboard 1/2 box.
        I feel compelled to comment as I just returned from Delray Beach, FL, where Star Bakery is located. They make a mean babka too. Drier than Green's, but made fresh every day. (Don't worry, their secret is out. On Christmas Eve at 8:30 am, my number was 55 and they were only serving 41. I was the only one under age 75 in the place!)

      2. Rethinking this -- there are Polish eggy-bread babkas and the maybe Russian/Jewish sweet cakey-bread kind. Close but different. I think the poster is looking for the latter?

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          Yes, sorry, I'm looking for the Jewish babka. Thanks!

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            Don't know if anyone makes a babka, especially, chocolate, like when I was a kid. Down in Florida, there's a bakery that makes a close approximation. It's a place called Flakowitz (the one on Glades Road in Boca Raton, in a strip mall on the south side of Glades heading east before the Florida Turnpike). They are threatening to start doing mail order. It's a real old fashioned Jewish bakery . . . I brought home 4 of them. Delicious . . .

        2. I really like the chocolate babka from Russ & Daughters; it's very chocolatey. Caveat: This is the only babka I've ever had, so I'm not an expert. I'd be interested in hearing how others feel about Russ' babka.

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            That's the Green's babka I mentioned in my post below. I think it's great.

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              We just bought a Green's chocolate babka from Wegman's. It seems really dense and chocolaty.

              Now I'm really looking forward to trying it!

          2. dean and deluca sells the jewish version and the best by far!!! I dont know where they get it from but it sure is chocolatey!

            1. Don't know if they made it themselves, but the 2nd Avenue Deli had great babka! Sad :(

              Hate to say it, but I love the babka at Eli's on 80th and 3rd. I try not to get too close, because it is easy to spend a lot of money there. But the bakery is superb...I recommend a slice of babka along with a bit of his homemade vanilla ice cream...followed by a very long nap.

              1. Well, if anyone's still following this thread... I second the vote for Dean & Deluca's chocolate babka. It is shockingly dense and moist. A buttery brick of chocolatey goodness.

                1. I also must give my vote of favorite to Dean & Deluca. I am a huge chocolate fan but theirs are so good I've even been getting a Cinnamon too when I go!

                  1. If you happen to be in the East Village area, you might want to give Moishe's on 2nd Ave (between 6th & 7th I believe) a try. It's an authentic Jewish bakery so it's closed for Sabbatz Friday evenings. The old baker there looks to be pushing 90, but he bakes up some fine babka (two types: chocolate & cinnamon). I think it's about $6 for a good sized loaf. By the way, Moishe's hamentashen (my personal fav) is among the best I have found in the city, buttery shortbread and chockful of yummy fruit filling.

                    1. I picked up a loaf of Green's Chocolate Babka (packed for Zabar's) the other day since it was so highly recommended on this board and I must say it is really, really good. You get a hefty 22oz. loaf for $5.99 and it is helluva deal. Very dense texture, moist, and so loaded with dark chocolate that it should more than satisfy any chocoholic's craving. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for Green's!

                      1. I'm pretty sure that the D&D babka is the same Green's babka...just a few dollars more than anywhere else!