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Dec 12, 2005 09:47 PM

Edy's/Dryer's Peppermint Ice Cream (seasonal)

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I can't find it in Manhattan. I've looked in grocery stores from SoHo to UES. Anyone seen it at their local grocery? Thanks in advance!

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    i found some Edy's at the key foods in brooklyn on fifth ave. in the slope, also after looking all over --one caveat: on that particular day, it was the last carton and was actually slightly dented, but I *had* to have my peppermint ice cream fix. i don't understand why it's not more widely available, both in the supermarket and ice cream shops?!?

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    1. re: brooklynsabra

      That particular Key Food rocks. Ask the manager to stock it for you - he loooooves his grocery store and it shows.

      If you ever stumble upon mint ice cream from Double Rainbow, grab it. It's a rare bird on the east coast tho, but every once in a while it's around . . .

      1. re: pitu

        I love double rainbow mint chip!!!!

        Lived in Flushing for a while and the bodega around the corner started carrying it and I tried it and thought i had gone to heaven (big mint chip fan). Sadly, the soon stopped carrying it (the whole line for that matter). whenever I see double rainbow, i always search for the mint chip but usually it's not there.

    2. wow, i never knew there was such a thing as peppermint ice cream. an egg nog punch recipe that i found calls for floating peppermint ice cream and here i thought i would have to use mint chocolate chip.

      1. I work for Edys.The last of the peppermint has been produced and distributed. As the stores run out thats it until next season Although pepperment sells well around the holidays, the day after christmas sales drop of big time. So we try not to have to much left over

        1. b

          i spotted several cartons of edy's peppermint @ the key foods on fifth ave. this past friday evening in park slope--(where i purchased a carton a week or so ago). i'd call first though to make sure they still have it!

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          1. re: BROOKLYNSABRA

            You can buy peppermint ice cream by the scoop year-round at Sundaes & Cones in Manhattan, 95 E. 10th St.

          2. Don't hold your breath. Your choices from Edy's this year are "slow-churned" (lite) and "limited edition" (frozen dairy dessert, not ice cream at all).

            Neither really counts as ice cream, in my book.

            The surprising thing is that Edy's web site doesn't mention that "Limited Edition" and "Fun Flavors" are frozen dairy desserts, not ice cream. If you look at the packaging, the phrase "ice cream" is absent, and the first ingredient is whey, not cream. My wife hates the texture of these, as it turns out. For me, it's more of an all-over disappointment.

            Shop carefully.

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            1. re: tcd

              An old thread - but I also like peppermint ice cream and have recently discovered Adirondack Creamery's version, stocked at Fairway. They have a "Whiteface Mint Chip" and - seasonal - a "Peppermint Stick" (which features handmade peppermint candy bits). Both flavors have a strong, satisfying natural mint flavor, and the ice cream itself is all natural and excellent. If you're a peppermint ice cream fan, it's definitely worth a try.

              1. re: tcd

                just curious but last year it was real ice cream? (i bought this peppermint whey this year. its okay by me.)