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Oct 28, 2005 02:54 AM

the best casolette

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who makes the best classic casolette in manhattan?

and where can you get it at a good price?


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  1. p

    Do you mean cassoulet? If so, I think Gascogne has a pretty good one. I'm not familiar with "casolette," so forgive me if I am off base.

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    1. re: parkslopemama

      I, too, thought the o.p. was referring to "cassoulet." My husband's a cassoulet addict. He would agree with you that Gascogne's is very good. Another option.... A few days ago, he had it at Park Bistro and pronounced it delicious.

    2. Best cassoulet I've had is at Payard in the Upper East. Delish. A fantastic boullabaisse too.

      1. Thought I would reactivate this to see if anything has changed in the last year. The last in-depth thread about cassoulet was from 2003. Any good recommendations? Payard? Gascogne's? I'm willing to travel several hours for a really great one! I have been disappointed with the cassoulet offerings in Manhattan.

        1. Which cassoulets have disappointed you? For example, have you tried Gascogne's?