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Jul 13, 2005 04:11 PM


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I just returned from Guatemala, and I ate these delicious stuffed tortillas called Papusas, which are an El Salvadorian treat. Some were filled with cheese and loroco flower, a really interesting-tasting green. I thought it tasted like a cross between seaweed and asparagus.
Two questions for New Yorkers:
- Is there anywhere that might carry fresh loroco?
- Has anyone had any good papusas in NYC?

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  1. Pupusas are prepared and grilled to order in Brooklyn at the Red Hook ballfields (many, many, many posts on Outer Borors board) Sat-Sun about noon to 6. They are served with cabbage salad, pickled onions and hot sauce. 3 for $2 I think.

    1. There are at least a couple of places serving papusas up in Washington Heights on Bwy around 175-170th streets. Sorry don't have exact locations, but they are both quiet small hole-in-the-wall type places. Pork and cheese papusas are really good, and I liked their beans+cheese too. The cole slaw is nice and tangy/bit spicy. Not sure whether they have loroco though (sounds really good!)

      1. I am online right now trying to find out what exactly loroco is, and found your question. Just last night I ate at the Washington Heights restaurant someone else posted about in response to your question. It is on the west side of Broadway just a few doors south of 175th. It is the only place where I have ever eaten pupusas, or loroco, so I can't say whether they are good there, but I can say that I really like them and keep going back for more! Maybe the folks at the restaurant can tell you where to find fresh loroco around here...

        1. Loroco is a delicate flower bud. Unfortunately, only fresh loroco has the flavor you experience when it is cut and used fresh in recipes. Frozen loroco loses it's flavor. If you have enjoyed freshly made Pupusas Salvadorenas, you have eaten the best it can get. All others come close, but don't quite make it.

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            I lived for many years in El Salvador, the Loroco plant is a vine that dries up in the dry season, ( 6 months) but with irrigation you can harvest all year , it is a beautiful plant climbing vine, the flowers when open are white and edible,I planted one here in Miami, but did not thrive.