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Jun 14, 2005 11:05 PM

the best fresh mozzarella here?

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i'm looking for the best fresh mozzarella in new york. i'm a big fan of agata and valentina's fresh out of the water, still-warm lumps. decent mozzarella di bufala anywhere? especially in brooklyn.

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  1. In G/E. Village try Joe's Dairy on Sullivan, just below Houston & the place on 11th (blanking on name) just east of First Ave.

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      "Todaro's" on Second Ave. near 31st Street makes theirs fresh everyday. They have regular, salted and smoked.Very nice indeed!

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        casa d' mozzarella..arthur ave/bronx ny

    2. Caputo's on Court Street between 3rd and 4th Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn -- absolutely the best homemade mozzarella di bufala.

      1. Just want to point out that no one makes mozzarella de bufala in New York City, since there's no supply of buffalo milk. I believe there are only two producers of buffalo milk mozzarella in the US, one in California and one in Vermont. You'll find what's called fior de latte, which is mozzarella from cow's milk. For this, I think the Corona Heights Pork Store makes a great product. Best? I'm not sure. But a couple years back, I tasted a number of fresh mozzarella from a few places around NYC, and this one came out on top. Either way, wherever you can get it freshly made, I don't think you can go wrong.

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          Steve Williams

          Here's two to try: Latticiini Fresca (not sure of spelling) on 9th avenue near 37th street, and Russo's on 11th Street just off of 1st Avenue.

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            I live on 37th bet 9th and 10th. Are you talking about Managnaro's Grocery...? If not, please provide more details. I would LOVE to know where you are going! If you are talking about Manganaro's, you have clearly had a higher success rate with your mozzarellas purchased there than we have. VERY inconsistent...

          2. lioni's in can also get some awesome sandwiches to fill you up on the ride back

            7803 15 Avenue
            Phone:(718) 232-1166