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Where is the best pizza in new york city

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  1. Di Fara, in Brooklyn.

    1. oh lords... let the war begin... ;)

      I like Alba Pizzaria in Briarwood, personally.

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        Where is briarwood

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          Briarwood is in Queens. Near Jamaica, Forest Hills, and FLushing, actually. :D

      2. 3 guys from Italy.
        Burke Ave. and White Plains
        The Bronx

        1. http://sadlyno.com/archives/001377.html
          the could perhaps qualify as a Not Food post...Miracle Whip Pizza

          1. Vinny Vincenz, on 1st avenue between 13th and 14th. It blows DiFara out of the water, imho.

            1. Okay. So this is a sensitive topic... obviously. New Park Pizza in Howard Beach has the best slice, hands down. And if you like Sicilian then you MUST get it from Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.... your life will be changed.

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                New Park Pizza. Been there since 1950. A real brick oven. Pizza's fly out of the oven every other minute. One of the top 10 slices in NYC. , Rizzo's on Steinway,Di fara's Brooklyn, Sal and Carmines UWS , L and B 86 St, Nunzio's and Denino's Staten Island, Totonno's Coney Island, Nick's in Forest Hill, There is a place on Arthur Ave in da Bronx.

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                  Spumoni Gardens? Are you serious? You take that over DiFara's? I just can't understand that.

                  1. this discussion is as old as the hills but my 3 faves are grimaldi's in DUMBO, pizza bar on 9th ave and Una Pizza Napoletana on 12th street....