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May 1, 2005 05:47 PM

Where is the best home made pasta in NYC or Westchester

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Where is the best homemade pasta in NYC or Westchester

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  1. Are you looking for regular or filled pasta, and in a restaurant or a shop (to cook at home)?

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    1. re: Chorus Girl

      try Borgatti's (I think that's the name) in the Fordham neighborhood in the Bronx. It's on 187th across the street from Mt. Carmel church. It is magnificent.

      1. re: Rani

        an arthur ave fave indeed

        1. re: doc

          Agreed!! Borgatti's is the best.

          1. re: ballulah

            In addition to Borgatti's cut-to-order egg pasta and their terrific large cheese ravioli, we've recently gotten hooked on their fresh (non-egg) spaghetti, a thick cut which cooks up to a soft-centered but deliciously chewy texture - great with a simple garlic and oil preparation.

    2. If you're looking to avoid the trip into NYC, Villarina's Pasta and Foods in Larchmont (20 Chatsworth Avenue) is very good (914) 833-1212

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      1. Definitely lil frankies on 1st Ave and 2nd St.

        1. Via Emilia's homemade pastas are excellent with the lasagna being a stand-out.

          1. If you're still checking for a response to your question from over two years ago -- Rafetto's on Houston Street is my favorite.