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Mar 13, 2005 11:33 AM

Where Can I Find Good Chocolate Jelly Grahams??

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Looking for chocolate jelly graham cookies like they used to sell in the appetizing stores in NYC...Can anyone help me out??

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  1. Try Economy Candy on Rivington Street--they sell lots of things like that in bulk, by the register.

    1. yes economy candy has them and so does russ and daughters. actually they are different.. you wouldnt notice until you do a side by side comparison. russ and daughters are heavier with chocolate, just a little bit more outrageous. but both are so good.

      1. you can find them from a web site
        there almost as good as the one from old town brooklyn.

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          Thanks for the tips!!

        2. r
          Robert Smales

          Avoca, PA Telephone (570) 457 6756
          Good luck.

          1. My Dad was a Brooklyn boy for many years. And I remember going to New York with him for visits to the family - and getting dark chocolate jelly grahams. Or as he called them "Jelly Grahams."

            They have gotten harder and harder to find - and as he was no longer going back to New York to visit, nor was I, I resorted to mail order.

            These LOOKED like the grahams of his childhood, but they were stale and not so tasty.


            They did send him a replacement batch, and those were good, but the first - no.

            These were far nicer than the ones of his childhood - but by then, we didn't care, we were just so glad that they were good. They look like the exact same ones we got from Fairway and shipped. Both were excellent.


            I did have the hubby buy me a bunch of the Ashers for the holidays - and they were awesome. Tasted like the ones we'd gotten at Fairway - but fresher.

            Happy shopping!