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where to find chocolate covered marshmallows

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I received some chocolate covered marshmallows as a gift a while back and after finishing them, regretted it, because they were THAT good. And now I can't seem to find them anywhere. I can find chocolate flavored marshmallows at Williams Sonoma but no marshmallows covered or dipped in chocolate. Anyone know where to get them?

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  1. I definitely saw some at Jacques Torres this weekend.

    Link: http://www.mrchocolate.com/

    1. Every Russian grocery in Rego Park, Queens has them--on 108th st, and 63rd drive........They are big style and delicious.

      1. new bakery in red hook (BKLYN) called BAKED. I think url is www.bakednyc.com

        1. Have a look at my sister-in-laws website her sweets are out of this world...

          1. Have a look at my sister-in-laws website her sweets are out of this world...

              1. Varsano's Chocolates in Greenwich Village. Hands down.

                1. Funny that you should ask. Just last weekend, I had a chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick at The Sweet Life, down on the corner of Hester and Ludlow. It was good enough to make me feel like I was being bad.

                  1. jo-mart chocolates in brooklyn. they're lovely--and there are many flavors incl. chocolate-covered coffee marshmallows, maple marshmallows & others i can't recall--i believe they have a website so you can order them online as well.

                    1. For chocolate-covered marshmallows go to eutopianchocolates.com -- you'll love them!

                      1. I love chocolate covered marshmallows and absolute BEST I have ever had anywhere are at an old fashioned candy store in Orient on the North Fork. They have milk and dark chocolate ones (dark is beyond the pale) and sometimes have maple marshmallows and other flavors. The plain vanilla with dark chocolate are the best ever. Big, square marshmallows with with thick, rich, dark chocolate. Call and see if they'll ship to you. Well worth it!!:
                        22350 Route 25
                        Orient, NY 11957
                        (631) 323-2675‎

                        1. Chocolate by Mueller in Philadelphia has marvelous chocolate covered marshmallows -- you can get dark, milk or a mix. http://www.chocolatebymueller.com/

                          Truly outstanding (and pricey: $35 a pound) marshmallows can be found at Edelweiss Chocolate in Beverly Hills. The marshmallow comes in seven flavors. http://www.edelweisschocolates.com/

                          I just got my Christmas box from Mueller's but when I have money again, I'm going to order some from Edelweiss.

                          1. Li-Lac has super light and fluffy chocolate covered marshamallows in both milk and dark. You can get them in the West Village or at Grand Central Delish!!

                            1. I'm allergic to chocolate, but recently had some chocolate covered mallows from Pete's Gourmet which were good enough to make me reach for the liquid benadryl and totally indulge. They have great fluffy marshmallows and a variety of flavors - strawberry, lemon, lavender, vanilla, champagne, all dipped in premium chocolates.

                              Worth a look! http://www.petesgourmet.com

                              1. Why not just make your own? Seems simple enough. Melt chocolate, dip marshmallows, let dry and voila!