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Jan 29, 2005 06:39 PM

Red Velvet Cake

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I'm obsessed with this cake and am looking for the best in NYC. Any suggestions where I can find it?

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  1. Cake Man Raven in Fort Greene (708 Fulton Street). He's about 3 blocks east of BAM.

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    1. re: Chorus Girl

      I second this emotion. Cakeman Raven's is the best I've ever had.

      1. re: Dag

        try the red velvet cake at martha francis cheesecake..on 88th and second avenue. tiny little privately owned dessert shop, where the really cute lady makes everything fresh daily. her cheesecake is deelicious.but she also makes a great red velvet cake

      2. re: Chorus Girl

        hallelujah and praise be for cakeman raven's red velvet deliciousness!!

        1. re: funkymonkey

          AMEN my brother! (or sister?)

      3. Everyone always talks about how wonderful his red velvet cake is. I tried it the other night and, quite frankly, was underimpressed. It seemed quite dry.

        I hate Magnolia cupcakes, but their red velvet cake is pretty good. They make a butter based cake, and not an oil based one though, so it tastes a bit different. Polka Dot Cake Studio makes an amazing red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. I'm glad I don't live closer, or I'd be eating these every day.

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        1. re: Lisa

          Agreed - Cake Man Raven is vastly overrated. Get thyself to Magnolia, Laura, and prepare to wait in line to be the only person not getting cupcakes.

        2. Make My Cake -- near Central Park North

          1. Lord's Bakery - Nostrand Ave between Flatbush and Glenwood Aves in Brooklyn. Perhaps not *best* but damn good.

            Parking is HORRID, but this is NYC. :)

            1. I was not impressed w/ Amy's Bread's red velvet. Great texture. No flavor. Magnolia's is also dull.