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Jan 22, 2005 11:40 AM


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I am looking for some good muhammara, m'hamara, however you want to spell it, I can't find the kind I want. I had the Damascus bakery (Atlantic st) version and thought it was too oily and blended (I like it when you can see the pomegranate and pepper and nut pieces). Any suggestions? I will travel almost anywhere in NY on this search...
Thanks in advance!

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  1. They sell it at Kalyustan's. It is pretty spicy. Would you share what you use it for? I just saw a recipe (forget where) using it with chicken legs.

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    1. re: Erica

      It's a dip that you eat with pita bread. I've never cooked with it but it sounds interesting.

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        I know what it is...I bought it once at Kalyustan. But aside from using as a can you use it in that chicken one I saw this week...was it in the Times?? Or the new Gourmet?? I can't recall....I still have most of it in my fridge so wanted some tips on using it up...

        1. re: Erica

          Hey, thanks for the tip, I will definitely check out K.'s
          I usually eat it on pita with hummus, but I am interested in cooking with it too, I am a vegetarian so the chicken legs wouldn't work for me, I am not sure how it would taste with fried tofu, probably good.
          I am actually thinking of using it as a dipping sauce for the samosas I make, clash of cultures, I know, but I think it will work like a less sweet chutney. Let me know if you find any useful recipes! -R

          1. re: Rebecca

            I toss it with Pasta. Essentially, it's just another form of Pesto.

            1. re: Rebecca

              you can use it as a dip or a sauce with roasted vegetables. you can marinate things with it .

        2. re: Erica

          Muhammara reaches its Platonic peak when you dip a good warm and juicy piece of pastrami into it.

          1. re: Erica

            muhammara is dead easy to make. Do a google search and you'll find tons of recipes. It keeps a good month or so in the fridge.

          2. I also recently had the muhammara at the Damascus bakery and thought it was bland and sort of too sweet - the version at waterfalls down the street can be wonderful and kalyustan's is also good as I recall.

            1. Fattoush (off Atlantic Avenue in B'lyn, near the exit for the BQE) has excellent muhammara. They make their own pita, too. I make a point of stopping anytime I'm in the old neighborhood. Yum!

              Claudie Roden has a recipe for muhammara, as does Paula Wolfert. Can't remember the titles, though.

              1. Tanoreen in Bay Ridge takes muhammara to swoon-inducing heights. They take all kinds of dips I used to think of as basic and not worth paying for in a restaurant (hummus, baba ganouj, feta and tomato salad, labenah) to swoon-inducing heights.

                1. Waterfalls Cafe on Atlantic Ave has the best muhammara I've had. Their baba ghanoush is even better.