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Nov 18, 2004 02:18 PM

70s Cocktail Party Hors d'Ouvres HELP PLEASE

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My husband and I are going nuts trying to recall the name of the product and/or the manufacturer for the pastry puffs that use to be a staple at 70s cocktail parties (at least the ones my family threw when I was little). They came frozen in a box, with three largish flat squares that you could break into about 16 or so smaller squares. One block was bacon flavored, one cheese, the other unrecallable. In the oven for 20 minutes and out came cocktail puffs (possible name). I can even see the logo on the box ...a hand holding an hors d' Ouevres on a toothpick, possibly making an OK sign? We have tried things like Tas-T or even O-kay, but nothing comes up in searches. They were sold in the NY area supermarkets until about 1998 or so and then disappeared. Any help anyone can provide about product name, manufacturer name, possible sites of purchase would be greatly appreciated

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    david sprague

    I think they might have been an early product of the Red L company, but I'm not sure. My mom used to buy them and I remember 'em fondly, especially the fake bacon...

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      That name is definitely ringing a bell. I think that is it. I did a very quick internet search on Red L company and corporation, but it did not return anything. Thanks - Every bit of information helps. I want to try to see if I can get someone to see a)if they are still made and b) if so, where I might be able to order them. Fake bacon was my favorite too.

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        david sprague

        glad to help...i know red l is still in existence, since some of their other stuff pops up in markets's a link to their corporate stuff, but i don't think there's a store locator on it or anything...

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          Thanks again for this help. I ran a search for Red L but did not find this link. I have emailed the this product and if so, how I might get my hands on some. If that doesn't work, I see a consumer number, so I will try that. Once I get an answer from them, I'll post my (hopefully successful) results.