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Sep 6, 2004 09:51 PM

durian shake

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I have wanted to try a durian shake for the longest time (especially as living at home, my family would kill me if I brought home a fresh durian from china town due to the stink!)...I dared myself and my friend to try one at pinang in queens (a malaysian restaurant)...thankfully we already had concluded a delicious meal, because it left the most awful taste that lingered for over an hour...she told me it reminded her of cat piss:}. I didn't find it as vile as she did, but it was pretty gross.
Does anyone on this board like the shake? Do you know if it tastes/smells the same as fresh durian?

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  1. I've had durian ice cream, and it was like a cross between the aforementioned cat urine and sulphur....I imagine that the shake would be even more potent than the ice cream version...Pass.

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      Durian is one of Asians most prized fruits even banned in some Asian cities due to its distinct odor but loved by an overwhelming population. I would say it is defiantly a different taste from the usual western taste but exotic to an extreme, where only those whom truly respect and understand the Asian taste can enjoy it. Wanna try something else that has a spunk to it, only this comes in a jar ask around about “Preserved fish” the Asian version. Used to enhance the flavor of many Asian soups and a variety of different plates.

    2. Ive had durian shakes before and i actually like them. They dont taste the way they smell so you kind of cant be breathing in before after or during ingesting it. I know taste is linked to smell so i cant really explain it properly. The taste is like a spicy sweet creamcheese to me.

      1. they also sell some durian-type shakes/ices/desserts at some vietnamese restaurants . . . . had it at the baxter street nha-trang . . . .funnnnkkyy . . its definitely not unpleasant, but basically, its an extremely sweet dense flavor; I've always thought of it as over-ripe vidalia onions . . . can be extremel sweet, but maybe too sweet. and its better iced than fresh, the fresh stuff is super funky.

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          Having consumed both fresh durian and durian shakes, I can assure you that the shake is nowhere as noxious as the fruit itself. It's like the fruit minus the nasty qualities. It has just a hint of them and more of the creamy notes. I've never noticed a funky smell with my shake but then I always have it with pho so that may be masking any untoward aroma. I think Vietnamese restauraunts may be your best bet.

          Eat on,