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Best Banana Cream Pie?

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Hi, I'd like to buy a banana cream pie to bring to someone's house this weekend - he is a big banana cream pie fan. Any suggestions? Preferably in Manhattan. Thanks much!

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  1. I wish you the best. I've never found even a good banana cream pie in NY. I guess the defunct Fireman's of Brooklyn was the best -- at least it didn't taste like solid Reddi-Whip.

    1. I havent tried it but it is supposidly a specialty of the chef at Shelly's on 57th street.

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        Dave Feldman

        I suspect the same recipe is used at all the Fireman restaurants. I don't think it's a coincidence that banana cream pie was featured at the 57th St. "diner," Fireman's, and Redeye Grill.

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          "The Little Pie Company" makes them with fresh bananas and whipped cream. I haven't tried this one, but their other pies are very good. They have 3 locations in Manhattan: W. 43rd betw. 9th and 10th Aves.; West 14th Nr. 9th Ave, and Grand Central Station.

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            I tried a small one recently (looking for a change of pace from sour cream/apple/walnut) and it was good. Not "I must have another immediately" great - but satisfying.

        2. Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington Street has the best Homemade banana cream pie in this town!

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            I had a banana cream pie for my birthday, from Fratelli's on Seguine Ave, Staten Island. It was heaven!

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              "The Coffee Shop" at Union Square had the BEST Banana Cream Pie back in the day. THE BEST. I am not sure if they changed the recipe but I haven't tried it again since I had it years. Ago.

              It's still on the menu.

          2. For me, it's at Blue Smoke on 27th btw Park and Lex. You can order the day before.

            1. Hi-I'm not sure if they have this in Whole Foods in Manhattan, but the Pie Guy brand (at my local Hartford area, CT WF) has KILLER pies. I've loved: chocolate cream, coconut cream, banana cream, key lime.....(that's just a short list of the flavas they sell).