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Jun 3, 2004 01:22 PM

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms?

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Where can I find fresh hen-of-the-wood mushrooms (maitake in Japanese)?

I had a great salad at the Grocery on Smith last week and want to re-create it at home. It was the French Fry Salad and had sauteed hen-of-the-woods and fresh peas on a bed of fresh, flat-leaf parsley (there may have been bacon or proscuitto in there as well). The fries were on the side, and were playing the role of the superfluous starch.


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  1. I've seen them at Manhattan Fruit & Vegetable Exchange (or whatever that produce store is called) in the Chelsea Market, although they weren't of fabulous quality.

    Haven't checked, but you can also probably find maitake (hadn't realized that they were the same!) at either of the Sunrise Marts (Stuyvesant Pl. or Broome St.). The one on Broome usually has a pretty good mushroom selection.

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    1. re: Rachel M.

      go look in the woods!! i just found a 7 pound specimen (ulster cty. ny)

      1. re: jeff

        er . . . are there any mushrooms that look the same but could kill you?

    2. I believe there was a stand selling them yesterday at the Union Square Market. I'd bet he's a regular.

      1. Garden of Eden has 'em, and so does Whole Foods. And yeah, that new mushroom guy is at Union Squre Greenmarket every Wednesday.

        1. I've bought them several times at Fairway on 74th/B'way.

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            Lonnie Blackwell

            I've got 4 or 5 Hen of the Woods growing at my back door by an old oak tree. They come up (usually) each year, in the same locale. Don't know much about them since I'm a Morel man. Could have them for the picking if you share with me a good receipe. L B

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