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May 8, 2004 07:37 PM

Nicaraguan Restaurant in NYC?

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Help? Is there at least one Nicaraguan steak place located in New York City? Help Dave satisfy his craving! If there is, it is probably a small, storefront, mom and pop type place hidden in plain sight in Queens or Brooklyn! Sorry, Argentinian, Brazilian, or Columbian just doesn't do it for me! Got to be Nicaraguan, like in "Little Managua" in Miami. There has to be some Nicaraguans in NYC who miss the food from their beautiful country! Give poor Dave a holler, will ya?

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  1. I have no idea about a restaurant, BUT perhaps your best chance is the food stands around the Red Hook ballfields in Brooklyn where dozens of families from lots of Latin American countries set up foodstands to cater to the players and fans of the weekend soccer games. G & F train to Smith-9th St. Walk West to Court or Clinton then south (left) a few blocks. Or drive down Court St. under the BQE, past the Red Hook Houses and hang a right.

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      Thanks, Bob, I will try it! Nicaraguans are more into baseball than soccer, but it sounds like Latin homefood paradise, and I should check it out! Anyone else have any more ideas for me? Please, give a holler!

    2. This message is late, since I realized you posted it in 2004, but I was looking for nicaraguan cuisine as well in NYC, and I don't think there is any. But there is one in Norwalk, Connecticut. It's called "Managua Grill". Thats the closest you've got to Miami.

      1. good afternoon I was just reading your post, have you had any luck with Nicaraguan restaurants I just moved here from Miami I'm trying to find some myself