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Apr 26, 2004 10:17 AM

Marie Sharpss Hot Sauce

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This is a hot sauce from Belize and was wondering if it was anywhere to be had in Manhattan?

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  1. I once found it at a Key Food in Park Slope on Flatbush right by the D/Q train at 7th Avenue.

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    1. re: Anne_NYC


      i own a shop called petals and peppers we have all the
      marie sharps products in all different sizes !!!
      and always have free samples of all our hot sauces
      ph # 516-671-0232 petals and peppers locust valley ny !!

    2. The hot stuff vendor in the Grand Central Food Hall carries it.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        awesome ill be there to pick it up!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Agreed this is good stuff. The whole line is available on line in the event you have no local success. Search for Marie Sharp hot sauce. It has a nice fruity body I think.

        1. anne

          by the way look at the "blind betty" line
          from saint johns virgin islands !!!
          for me blind betties original is the killer !!

          later tomater

          1. The Key Food in Park Slope no longer has it. In the earlier thread, someone said that Melinda's XXX was the same thing. If so, it's REALLY hot.