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Where can one find a really good falafel in NYC?

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  1. Hoomoos Asli on Kenmare and Lafayette, just off the Spring street six train stop. Falafel sandwich is $3.50; more expensive than on MacDougal Street, but way, way better. Also, try anything else there, because it's all good.

    1. Azuri Cafe on West 51st near 10th Ave - maybe 2 doors east. Azuri is so good. Check previous posts and you'll see lots of positive comments.

      He puts in a great mix of salads and pickles, but just enough. I used to live on the same block and rarely a week went by without having one.

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        Just had my first one. I was a fan of Rainbow in Union Square, Alfanoose downtown, and Jerusalem Falafel on the upper upper west side. This one tops 'em all. It's a falafel poem. It was so good that I had another one, even though I wasn't hungry anymore.

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          love rainbow and lived off of alfanoose after working down there post 9/11. but jerusalem falafel... did they move? they used to be on the east side, like in the 40's? they were sooooo good, with sliced olives, etc. is it the same place? can you tell me where it is?

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          This is definitely the place to go - the owner is not too friendly, but is Israeli and knows what he's doing. Enjoy!

        3. Mamoun's is the best without a doubt. It's spectacular and the falafel is so fresh -- tastes just like when I make it (maybe better).

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            I love Mamoun's also, and if you're across the river in Jersey City, his cousin Ibby makes falafel that's every bit as wonderful! (and great Shwarma, as well!)

          2. taim in the west village on waverly and perry. love their food. its a bit of a nouveau falafel place with different flavors of falafel (roasted red pepper and harissa), whole wheat pita etc.

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              i second taim and azuri cafe. IMO the 2 best falafels in manhattan.

            2. I am a big fan of Chickpea. one on St. Mark's place, on on 14th St by 3rd ave. Very fresh pita made on the spot! I have also gone in just to buy their pita. Love the falafel and the Shwarma is quite fresh and tasty too.

              1. TAKSIM 54th and 2nd
                Another location will soon open on 2nd (LES)

                1. House of Pita 48th st between 5th and 6th. Kosher Deluxe 46th st between 5th and 6th. Mamouns is not bad as well.

                  1. There is a new place on E. Houston and Orchard, right next to Bereket but much much better, called Ashkara. They have fresh, handmade falafel with a nice fixings bar (pickles, salads, sauces). Also good hummus. Haven't tried the baba or fried eggplant. Really good and open late.

                    1. I love Mamouns but I also hear Chickpeas is fantastic too

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                        I don't think either place is fantastic. I find Mamoun perfectly OK and cheap, and I'm not crazy about the felafel at Chickpea.

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                            I liked the felafel at Hoomoos Asli very much the one time I went there so far, which was less than a year ago. Large balls, moist, very flavorful, not as salty as Chickpea but with more spices inside (including coriander seed, if I remember correctly). I also liked Azuri, but that was several years ago.

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                            I agree, Mamouns was just decent - thr proce os the best thing i can say about t. Hudson Falafel is fresh tasting with unique spices.

                        1. Moshes pushcart on the corner of 45th and 6th.

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                            Why can I never find it when I Iook? Does he leave after 6?

                          2. A Mamouns is now open on St. Marks between 2nd and 3rd aves-going there soon

                              1. If you don't mind going to Queens, Naomi Levy's on Main Street has the best falafel that I have tasted in the greater NYC area. I never met anyone, who has eaten their falafel, who disagrees.

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                                  Do tell: Main Street and where? Anywhere near Grill Point in Kew Gardens Hills? Have you tried their falafel? P.

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                                    Around 68th ave or road. Near Main Street Chiropractic.

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                                    I live in the Kew Gardens Hills area and began my falafel journey with Naomi's. It's definitely good there, but we're spoiled with two (in my opinion) superior options. Grill Point on the corner of Main Street and Jewel Avenue is great, but my latest discovery is the falafel sandwich lunch special at Hapisgah, 147-25 Union Turnpike (not far from the intersection with Main Street) http://www.hapisgah.com/. The falafel is fresh, crispy (not dry), and green inside; the pita is transcendent.

                                  3. For bang for the buck, go with Moishe's cart on 6th Avenue

                                    For delicious, lovingly prepared, fresh/quality ingredients, as close to what you would get at home-- if you had a deep fat fryer at home-- go to Alfanoose on Maiden Lane downtown. (And after you've tried their felafel, try some of their other wonderful sandwiches, like the kafta kabab)

                                    1. mamoun's and mao's on usq east. cheap and delicious!!

                                      1. I'm also a huge fan of Taim and Mamouns. I think Azuri's falafels are over-fried but his sides make up for it. If you go to Taim, you should try their french fries, too, because the saffron aoili is really great!

                                        1. Chickpea is great. I also get mine from Yummy on Bleecker and 7th Avenue.

                                          There used to be a place called Village Shawarma on 6th Avenue and West 4th..but closed down. Anyone know if they moved to a different location? :p

                                          1. byblos has EXCELLENT falafel. i'm comparing this to falafel i've had in israel and to the homemade falafel my israeli uncle makes. the falafel at byblos (on 39th between 2nd and 3rd avenues) is perfectly crispy on the outside and so moist and flavorful on the inside. the balls are very big and the tehina is a perfect simple component to the falafel. believe me, u don't want too many flavors accompanying the falafel. you just want to take the falafel. amazing.

                                            and if you go to byblos, i would also recommend the chicken kabob. grilled perfectly so it's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

                                            1. If you are downtown, Alan's Falafel. The pushcart at Liberty Park. I prefer his to Sam's and I sure there are those that prefer Sam's. Been eating off Alan's cart off and on since 1991

                                              1. Check out Bedouin Tent on Atlantic Avenue in Brookyln. Their falafel plate or sandwich is awesome and their pita is made fresh to order...

                                                1. I second the motion for Moshe's cart on Sixth Avenue. I moved away from New York ten years ago and crave it still.