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Apr 21, 2004 12:28 AM


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I'm looking for a latin american place that serves pupusas. It's a Salvadoran dish - kind of like a jellydonut-sized hushpuppy filled with seasoned pork, chicken or cheese and topped with spicy cabbage. Not exactly fine dining, but scrumptuous if properly prepared.

I've been combing the latin american restaurants on without success. I knew half a dozen places to get them in Washington, DC, but that's a bit of a trek from NYC!!!

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  1. if you go to New York Magazine's website and type in Pupusas in the search box you'll see several recommendations for locations in Queens. However, I am also remembering a brief article about an East Village (?) shop that serves this type of food exclusively... and its driving me crazy as I've compeltely forgotten what its called. I'm sure someone here will remember though...

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      You're talking -- I think -- about the Caracas Arepa Bar nad 7th St just east of 1st Avenue. Arepas which are similar, but still very different. I've never seen pupuuas in Manhattan.

    2. IF you have a car (or just take a 45-minute train ride) go out to Freeport, LI. There are a bunch of Salvadoran places there, including some within walking distance of the train station.

      1. there's a pupuseria on graham avenue out here in williamsburg. its near the corner of scholes st. its my favorite pupusa spot. bahia restaurant on grand avenue has pupusas as does a new pizzeria close to key food on grand.

        let me know if you want a tour!


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          I second the Pupuseria Belen (I think it's called) on Graham. Best I've had in NYC, though not as good as LA or DC. Substantially better IMO than Bahia or the "pupuseria pizzeria" on Grand.

          1. re: Jack Barber

            I like that place and they have more options, but I don't think it's "substantially" better than Bahia. I have not tried the pizzeria yet, it's pretty new isn't it? Is it *bad*, or OK for a quick fix? Wondering because it's slightly more convenient for me.

        2. La Salvadorena up near the Cloisters serves very good ones

          1. fyi: the "spicy cabbage" is called curtido.