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Apr 12, 2004 08:45 AM

Loft's Candy and Butter Nut Crunch

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Back in the day, mom thought Loft's candy stores had the best butter nut crunch. I can't find a Loft's store (anyone know what happened?) but would like to know where the tastiest butter nut crunch can now be found.

Thanks for responding.


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  1. Hi Hazel,
    Its funny but you brought back some of my earliest memories. My mother use to work in one of the Loft's Candy Stores when I was a child. I can remember stocking the shelves with her and i loved the Mint Meltaways and the parlay candy bars and of course........the Butter Nut Crunch. It is my understanding that they went out of business years ago but if you find out different......please let me know, I would love to track down some of that delicious candy

    1. I would love to find the Butter Nut Crunch that Loft's used to sell I have been looking for years no success no other even comes close!! I lived in(as a child) Baltimore,Md. and the store was located in Highlandtown on Eastern Ave. but went out of business!!

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        The last box of Loft's Butter Nut Crunch and Loft's Parleys came off the line in 1990.Now 2008 the name is still held by some one with all the candy reciepes.Nothing done in 18 years.Does not look good for a come back as many Loft customers have passed on.

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          I read what you said - I have to tell you Loft's had the best candy - no matter which one you took out of the box, you were never disappointed. Russell Stover does not hold a candle. I used to love the chocolate bars with the jelly inside and of course all of the chocolate covered nuts. No we are not all dead - I am in my fifties and again, they made the best candy.

          1. re: Primastara

            My grandfather was a supervisor at a Lofts candy factory in Astoria, NY and my parents met there. The parlays and the butter crinch were the best. My Dad used to bring home 5 lb boxes of candy from the factory. Nothing like Lofts

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              Dang. Saw this topic and had hoped Lofts existed someplace other than in memory. Every Easter, my grandfather would buy me the big chocolate bunny in the window. I am probably still wearing some of that chocolate to this day.

              1. re: rworange

                OMG i guess it was getting close to easter and i remember getting a chocolate cross for easter every easter from loft's and i truly miss them they just were never big enough!!!! I wish they would reopen. THEY HAD THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD. Maybe it is a good thing i really do not eat chocolate too much anymore but if Loft's was back in business i might be eating it everyday. Funny i was thinking of them and saw this post

              2. re: bridgetscandy

                My grandfather was a supervisor at the Loft's candy factory in Astoria NY also. I do remember those 5 lb boxes of candy. My Mom used to know what every candy in those boxes were by the swirl of the chocolate on the top and I used to go through the layers and pick out my favorites. I do remember the butter nut crunch and can say I've never had another that tasted as good. All I've got left are some photos and a Loft's 100th Anniversary plate 1860-1960 and of course the lovely memories.

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          1. Dear Hazel,
            You are so right. I have been looking for this for years but after reading the posts it doesn't sound very promising. I have purchased other "imitations" and they don't even come close. It's too bad we cannot find out what company bought the recipe. Was the best candy I ever had...I remember the little nuts would fall off when you would take one out, and believe me, not one was wasted. I'm sure it was made with real butter, and nowadays that would be too expensive..or too much cholesterol or whatever. The good old days were the best when it came to candy.

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