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scooter pies

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Does anyone remember scooter pies? If so, does anyone know if they still exist? Anything close? My dearly departed mother loved them and my sister in law has never had one. Thanks.

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  1. Wow! Yes I remember them (Laverne's favorite snack from the 7o's TV show) but haven't seen them in years but that might be because I've not thought about them until now. I think the Nabisco Co. makes them. I guess if I went to the supermarket now I won't find them.BUT there's a place on the web called East Coast Treats that sells them though mail order, URL is:



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    1. Long-time Scooter Pie fan here. Moon Pies from Louisiana are basically the same thing.

      1. Gristede's on Hudson had some mini-moon pies recently.

        1. you can still get scooter pies on the website Home town Snacks http://www.hometown-treats.com/produc...

          Hope you enjoy !!!!

          1. Hmm, well sorry to say that Scooter Pies are now being baked in Chattanooga Tennessee, by the company that makes Moon Pies, which unfortunately don't taste the same as Scooter Pies, or should I say that Scooter Pies now taste just like Moon Pies, this isn't a North VS. South thing, the two snacks are just not the same thing, guess if I was raised on Moon Pies, I'd like them better. (I also greatly prefer Hydrox to Oreos, so am definitely opinionated.) When I was a kid Scooter Pies were made by a Bakery called Burry's (along with these fantastic Fudgetown Cookies), then in my 20's a company called Salerno's was making them. But, I just bought some Korean Choco-Cookie-Marshmallow treats called Orion Choco Pies, these are way more like Scooter Pies in flavor and texture, the cookie part of Moon Pies are much doughier, then I ever remember Scooter Pies being. If you've got a local Korean Super Market, I'm sure they have these, they're like Oreos in South Korea.

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              They were made in Elizabeth NJ down the street from casa jfood in the 60's. They made a banana scooter pie way back then and jfood wrote a letter to them when he was 8-9.

            2. Mmmm.... banana scooter pies. Yum!

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                only in memory, unfortunately