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Feb 12, 2004 03:09 PM

need 'ino truffle egg toast recipe [moved from What's My Craving]

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I've searched everywhere and can't find it -- I know that the NYT published it a few years ago, and I can roughly guess at proportions, but does anyone have the ACTUAL details of how to make Ino's truffled egg toast? Especially if you've made it yourself with some success.

My main questions: best truffle oil to use? how done should the eggs be? is there cooking between the layers, or do they all get cooked at once?

thanks in advance...

p.s. what would you want to drink with this dish?

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  1. Wonder if this recipe is similar... Anyone try it?


    1. This one seems pretty on. Also read on a blog that for Bread, Ino uses Ciabatta from Blue Ribbon Bakery down the street.