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Feb 3, 2004 11:35 PM

Ponche Caballero

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Spanish orange brandy. Comes in a gaudy silver bottle (looks like a christmas ornament).



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  1. Originally brought a couple bottles back from Spain. Love the stuff. May be a gaudy "silver bullet" bottle, but it's really good. Only problem is now I can rarely find it anywhere.

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    1. re: Doug

      I tried Ponche in Spain yrs ago and am hooked. Very hard to find. Just got info that may help. Carriage House Imports,LTD. 99 Morris Ave, Springfield, New Jersey 1-973-467-9646 (or 7910). I'm calling them tomorrow. Debbie

      1. re: Doug


        I really miss the stuff! I used to live in Spain for a while and then spent 11 years flying in and out of Spain buying it all the time.

        But now I am here in the US and cannot find it either! Have you been successful in finding a place to order it?

      2. Lev

        I have been drinking that stuff since the mid 80's up until 2002 when my military travels took me away from Spain. Now I cannot get it and I really miss it!

        Do you know where I can find it or order it?

        1. Try Ponche in a shot glass with a tiny bit of lime in the top- it tastes just like English cola bottle sweets

          1. I have been looking to purchase this item in the states, but have been unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

            1. Theres a few online shops that sell it but it is expensive, your talking like £18, where as in Spain its 8 euros.