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Dec 17, 2003 09:59 AM

Lithuanian yellow cake

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When I was young my parents and I used to go to Lithuania (Palanga) for summer vacation, and one of my favorite memories (along with delicious local potato chips and short fat sausages (sardelki)) was the yellow cake they sold in most bakeries there.
Its yellow and biscuity and not too sweet, but the most striking feature is the shape--its made like a sand castle by "dripping" dough so that you end up with a tall mountain of a cake with dough "running" on its sides similar to wax on a burning candle.
If anyone knows of any bakery in NYC and boroughs that might have it, please let me know! I really would want to surprise my parents (and of course myself ^-^)

Thank you

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  1. It's called šakotis in Lithuanian. If not Brighton Beach, try some Greenpoint bakeries (it's called sękacz in Polish). Or try ordering from here:

    1. We know where the Lithuanians are hiding thier yellowcake. It is to the east, north, and south of Vilnius. And a little to the west.

      D. Rumcake