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Aug 9, 2003 09:58 AM

best yakitori place in NY

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Can any of you guys recommend a great yakitori place in Manhattan? Thanks!

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  1. Only place I know of is East in the 40's near Grand Central. They make several dozen different kinds of skewered treats, but I'd love to find out about a place that's even more sophisticated and with more variety.

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      not sure if it is the best... but yakitori taisho is on St Marks and is ok. I'm not a huge fan of yakitori but my friend who is likes it a lot.

      fish on a stick, rice balls and the best part is the super cheap pitchers of Asahi.

      if you search this board for yakitori you will get this and other recommendations including those of Eric Eto who knows this stuff really well.

        1. re: mishka

          I second Yakitori Totto. Need to get back there soon...