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Mar 3, 2003 09:32 AM

Blintzes in NYC

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Any great suggestion for blintzes in NYC, maybe even a place that has Jewish style deli meats as well?

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  1. Cafe Edison on 47th between Broadway and 8th serves blintzes. I've never had them, but heard they are good. The diner/restaurant is considered the 'Polish tea room', it is run by Polish Jews, great for soups too.

    1. Vaselka on 2nd ave and 9th? st has pretty good blintzes and some other Russian style sort of Jewish meats.

      1. Its definitely not a Jewish nosh type place, but Artisanal, on their brunch menu, has cheese blintzes with pomegranate seeds and quince puree.. an excellent selection at a fine restaurant.

        2 Park Ave (at 32nd St.)

        1. I would have to recomment Diamond Dairy Luncheonette in the Diamond Exchange Bldg. Its on 46th or 47th btwn 5th and 6th. Great blintzes and good view of people haggling over jewelry.

          1. It's been years since I ate there but my recommendation for blintzes in NYC would have to be the B&H Dairy on Second Avenue south of St. Marks. It's an authentic lunch counter-style joint and I remember many wonderful meals of soup, french toast, eggs, or blintzes when I frequented the neighborhood in my early 20s.

            Too bad Ratner's closed or that would be the place to go.


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              B&H has by far the best blintzes I've ever had, and if you are sitting in the right seat, you can see into the kitchen and watch the pancake made fresh and then filled when you order it.