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Feb 4, 2003 04:46 PM

Finn & Haddy (sp?)

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My dear old Dad is visiting this weekend and has nostalgia for this dish, his first after arriving in New York to become an actor in the 60s.

Any recos? I've tried a ton of pub type places and St. Andrews, the only Scottish restaurant in Zagats but I can't seem to find anything.

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  1. It's finnan haddie, which is smoked haddock. It can be prepared a couple of different ways, including as kedgerie, a really tasty rice-fish-curry dish usually had as a late breakfast or lunch, vaguely reminiscent of a seafood biryani.

    Fresh in Tribeca has a dish using it. Some restaurants may just call it smoked haddock. Also, it might be found on the breakfast menu of a hotel with full English or Irish breakfast. Good luck!

    1. It's finnan haddie, a corruption of Findon haddock, i.e., the haddock they served in the Scottish town/region of Findon.

      As for where it get it, I don't know, but maybe in Kearny NJ, where there remains a substantial Scottish community and food shops catering to their tastes.

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        Laughing Goddess

        Hi Sara,
        I just saw your post today -- sorry I didn't see it sooner. But, for the next time your Dad visits, I found a July 2002 review of Gotham Bar & Grill, 102 Reade St, phone 212-406-1900. I would call ahead to make sure they have the finnan haddie on the day you go, though, as it is an older review.

        1. This is a really old post, but in case the OP is still looking, the Highlands has Finnan Haddie Kedgerie on their Brunch menu now.