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Dec 25, 2002 08:28 PM


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Is there a store in NYC where you buy an authentic, original sachertorte?

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  1. why dont you get it shipped express from vienna? Sacher Hotel, 17 Philharmonie Strasse, Wien
    They will ship it anywhere for a nominal fee and you will be getting the REAL thing!!!

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      Yes, that's what I meant, a Sachertorte from the the Sacher Hotel in Vienna. But it costs about $31 to ship one to the USA, which is more than the price of the cake (approx. $28.50). I ordered an Imperial Torte ($29) for Christmas from the Imperial Hotel and the shipping cost about the same amount, making my total about $60. That's why I was wondering if there was a store in NYC that imported them and maybe sold them for a bit less.

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        Try Duane Park Patisserie on Duane west of the park - also if you have a NY Times e account - scan the back issues of the Dining In section as I think some hot pastry chef was selling them at an "off-site" like Grand Central Market.

    2. I don't know if they sell them whole, but Wallse in the W. Village has an amazing sachertorte.

      1. The *only* way to get an authentic Sacher Torte is to order it directly from the hotel. They keep very tight wraps on the recipe, and have very specific qualifications for authenticity. I, however, do have a recipe that it almost the exact match for the authentic recipe. (The person I received the recipe from used to work as a pastry chef at the Sacher Hotel and pieced together the recipe.) Maybe I could make one for you? I do have professional pastry arts training.

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