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Nov 4, 2002 04:32 PM

tulumbe-- a croatian dessert

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anyone see tulumbe, a doughnut-like croatian pastry around anywhere?

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  1. no---but are there any croatian restaurants in NY? my girlfriend lives in the city, and i'm croatian and would love a little sekula goulash or chicken paprika like my grandma makes!

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    1. re: Jcesar

      I just spoke with a friend from croatia - there are several places, mostly in bklyn. I don't have the names handy but they have been mentioned on this site if you don't mind doing a search - probably best on the outer boroughs board.

      But she said the goulash - which is really hungarian - is apparently quite good at a hungarian restaurant on the upper east side in germantown. But so sorry, don't have the name. I'll work on that.

      1. re: Jcesar

        this is what another member posted

        The Istria Sport Club 28-09 Astoria Boulevard in Queens,
        (about a block south of the Triboro Bridge) is one of the best Croatian restaurants I've been
        to. My (former) Croatian girlfriend took me there, and I've continued to go there for years.

        Don't miss the fuzi pasta and the grilled snapper with garlic/parsley sauce. That sauce is to
        die for.

        1. re: matt

          trio restaurant in manhattan
          (33rd Street between third and lexington)
          traditional dalmatian fare, and rated so in zagat's 2003