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Sep 27, 2002 01:04 PM

"russian" pickles

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ever since i had the pickle plate at the russian vodka room i have been craving more of the same. the various slavic butchers in the east village have some (and the patipan (sp?) squash ones sure look interesting) but i haven't seen the ones from the plate that were the most especially delicious, plum tomato and apple. i checked online too. so, do i have to make those two kinds myself? if so, is it hard and does anyone have recipe(s) to relate?

thanks in advance.

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  1. t
    Tatyana Gourov

    Easiest would be to go and pick some up on Brighton Beach (I like the M&I International Foods market)

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    1. re: Tatyana Gourov

      they have the apple ones too?

      1. re: epicure-us
        Tatyana Gourov

        My husband seems to remember that they do have them.

    2. When i ate Cafe Klechik (Ukranian) on Coney island ave (near Brighton beach)....someone had a platter of (assorted) pickled items. I remember that she had pickled watermelon, but don't remember what the rest of it was (since I wasn't sitting anywhere near her.