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Dec 17, 2003 03:03 PM

La Panchanguera Taco Truck, SF

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I don't know if this is a new taco truck, or if I have just been ignorant, but I don't remember any Chowhound comments about it.

The truck is located in the Office Max parking lot at 13th and Harrison. I have noticed it there during the day -- not sure about evening time. Looks like they set up at around 11.

The side of the truck says that it is Salvadoran and Mexican. The menu is burritos, quesadillas, breakfast burritos, egg dishes, and tacos. I could swear that when I drove by a couple days ago, there was more on the menu, but today they had a large portion of the menu covered up by a piece of aluminum foil. So not sure what else there is.

The tacos they have (that I remember) are ground beef, carnitas, and carne asada. There was at least one more but I can't remember what it was. Pretty benign, straightforward offerings.

I had a carnitas taco. The meat was good, if a bit greasy. Closer to soft and stewy than crispy. Garnished with onion and cilantro, and a red salsa. The salsa had no spice -- there was nothing special about it at all.

I will probably return to see if there is anything about this menu that is superb. I probably wouldn't go back for the carnitas taco, though, seeing as how the El Tonayense truck is right down the street.

Has anyone else tried this truck?

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  1. I noticed and tried it about two weeks ago while on a shopping trip to Rainbow. I ordered a revueltas and a cheese pupusa. I think the lady assumed I was too gringo for revueltas and slipped me a bean pupusa instead. She was also hesitant to give me escabeche. Anyway, they were big and fresh, but fairly greasy and not too special flavor-wise. They came with some decent curtido that was provided in a ziplock bag.

    The part of the menu that was covered up was all America stuff: ham & cheese, turkey, roast beef sandwiches and salads. The truck itself looked brand new with "Catering America" or something signs everywhere. It didn't say La Panchunguera yet. Nowhere inside did I see the necessities to make the sandwiches. So, I'm guessing the foiled-over part of the menu came with the truck!

    I may explore it a bit more if I want another snack before shopping at Rainbow. But so far, it's no competition for Tonayense.

    1. I noticed a week ago because of the Cuban sandwiches, but didn't stop.

      1. I work two blocks away from this truck, so I couldn't resist after seeing your post. Went there for lunch on Friday with my Puerto Rican friend (she jumped when I mentioned cuban sandwiches). She had a nice conversation with the owner of the truck. He's only been there for about two weeks, and is still getting set up. He's hardcore cuban too, so cuban sandwich expectations were high.

        we got two revuelte pupusas and a cuban sandwich. the pupusas were tasty, with a big helping of medium-spicy salsa on top. The cuban sandwich was the closest i've had to the stuff in miami, with loads of melted cheese and salty pork & ham ... that said, the bread was not as light as cuban bread i remember, and there were a couple of chewy chunks in the pork.

        I'd definitely go back for the pupusas, but not the sandwich.