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Growing up in Germany, I used to love having Mettwurst on a sandwich for lunch. Mettwurst is an uncooked pork sausage, cured and smoked I think, that is spreadable. It is similar in nature to tartare if I remember correctly.
It being uncooked pork, I am not sure if it is at all available in the U.S. Does anyone know if you can purchase it somewhere, and if so, where?


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  1. I don't know if they'll have it, but try Karl Ehmer's in Ridgewood, Queens. It's on Fresh Pond Rd., a few blocks from Metropolitan Avenue.

    1. d
      david sprague

      ehmer's makes a nice mettwurst, as does schaller and weber: a good number of delis carry the latter (i get it at a place in jackson hts called Gourmet Fantasy Foods, but have seen it in several other Queens meat markets).

      1. If you are in Manhattan, you may want to check at the German butcher in the Grand Central Sta foodhall.

        1. The best (echt) german sausages and meats in the NY metro area can be found at Union Pork Store in Union NJ. They have everything--Mettwurst, Bratwurst, Leberkaes, Bauernwurst, Suelze, Landjaeger, you name it. It's located just west of the town center on the main drag (Morris Ave?) across the street from the big Shop Rite store.

          If you can get there you won't be disappointed.


          1. I found Smoked Mettwurst at Nueske's in Wittenburg, WI, they do have a web page http://www.nueske.com, maybe you can find the uncooked Mettwurst there and have it shipped. (They do ship meat all over the United States.)

            1. I saw it advertized in a Cincinnati, Ohio local grocery store ad. The store is called Kroger, I think it's a chain of stores that might be in more places than just Ohio. It was advertized along with hot dogs and the like. Hopefully the mettwurst they carry there is the kind you're looking for. Good luck.

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                I forgot to mention that the brand name of the maker of the mettwurst is John Morrell. That might be of more help to you.

              2. j
                James Larry Jertson

                I spent more than 2 years in Germany in the 1950's and
                married my wife Erika there in 1959 in Wiesbaden. I
                remember having mettwurst many times and recently my wife and youngest daughter found it here in West Des
                Moines in a European market.

                1. Yes, but not close enough to me for me to buy it. My Mom gets it at a US Army Commissary in Petersburg (?)
                  VA. I think that's the town. She stocks up on it. I'll check on exactly where.

                  1. t
                    Ted Bargstadt

                    I beleive that it is also called "teawurst". I'm sure that it can be ordered over the web.

                    1. Milwaukee has a great place for all your favorite German meats. It is Usinger's Meats. They did the frankfurters for the Salt Lake Olympics. They have Mettwurst too. Try www.usinger.com. I don't work there, but love their frankfurters and brats. Enjoy!

                      1. Karl ehmer's in richmond and Lindenhurst definitely carry mettwurst and teewurst whish is ground even smoother. they also carry a wide variety of other german specialties