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Jul 17, 2002 04:13 PM

Tiny oriental cake/cooke type thing with a walnut inside

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This is a real long shot....there used to be a little oriental bakery in Flushing on Bowne Street, just off Roosevelt, that made a delicious tiny cake/cookie type thing and if I remember correctly, had a walnut and some red bean paste inside. You could watch the guy making them in the machine. They were unbelievably wonderful, especially when they were freshly baked and still warm. They were sold by the bag, I think 10 or 20 pieces to the bag. Does anybody know what they were called and where I can still buy them?

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  1. Oriental is offensive, and it is already the 21st century! Oriental was originally created by Europeans who thought that anything outside of their sphere was "exotic, mysterious, Other." The word is Asian.

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      I certainly didn't mean any harm or intend to offend anyone by using the incorrect wording......thank you for pointing out my mistake! But in answer to my OP, do you know whether these fabulous little cakes/cookies are still made or what they're called so I can track them down?

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        The word Oriental is not offensive, It's only offensive if it's used to describe a person, as in "he is an oriental". It is perfectly correct to describe things of far eastern origin with the adjective 'oriental'. For example, an oriental rug.

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          Sorry this is a late reply. Apology accepted. Actually, I believe that you might be referring to almond cookies, which sometimes have a walnut, and not an almond, center. Try a restaurant like Nam Lee Wah in Chinatown (Pell and Bayard, I believe) which sells them or any reliable Chinatown bakery. Good luck.

        2. Omigawd, I just realized what I ate this weekend!!! Abbylovi brought me these treats from the ChingHap Market, the giant Korean grocery store near the #7 train in Queens...She said they were right next to the cash register...They looked like a Hong Kong Egg Cake, but inside was a half walnut in some sweet paste, that we couldn't identify...At first, we thought chocolate, then date paste; now I know it must have been red bean...Makes perfect sense! FWIW, the walnuts stayed nice and crunchy, despite being nestled in the paste...