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Dec 16, 2003 04:50 PM

Miette: Myuck!

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I gave Miette in the Ferry Building market a second chance today at lunch and was unfortunately disappointed. A while back I tried them out when they were at the farmer's market further up the Embarcadero. The tea cake I tried was flavorless and undercooked. I called them up to mention it and was offered a free cake the following weekend, but that one was also undercooked. Just looking at it's misshapen top should have been a clue to the baker.

I tried them out again today and went with a simple vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The cake was dry and a tad tough. The frosting was remarkable in that it had such little flavor I wondered exactly how they did it. At $3 a pop, they're definitely not bargains especially given their minute size. i give them a 3 out of 10. Nothing at all like Magnolia or other cupcake bakeries in NY. I prefer any old supermarket over Miette.

On a more positive note, the twice baked brioche from Lulu Petite is worth trying. I believe the brioche is baked once, and then filled with marzipan and other goodies before a second baking. i give it a 7 out of 10.


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  1. Thanks, Matt! I was thinking of giving them another try, since I'm in the Ferry Building a couple of times a week, but I see the emperor still has no clothes.


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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      One of the things I love about Chowhound is being warned away from places like Miette that I pass regularly and have deceptively nice-looking food!

    2. Funny that the owners are reported to be dot com refugees because their web site hasn't been updated in months. The home page still announces that they will be opening their first retail outlet in the Ferry Building "in October."

      I even emailed them about this last month. Never received a reply and they still haven't updated the page.

      I appreciate the warnings as the cakes sound great, if expensive, from the descriptions on the web page.

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        ChowFun (derek)

        My experience exactly!
        Pretty, expensive and remarkably tasteless!!! How do they manage it??

        1. I have continuously been gifted with Miette dross. Why, oh why do my well-meaning friends think that this stuff is good and will appeal to me? They all know I like to bake myself, and therefore I'm probably a pretty tough critic. I know -- this is a question for me to ask my friends not Chowhound -- but it never fails to amaze me how often people show up at my house with "a little something" from Miette.

          The last thing I remember being brought to my house was an elaborately decorated and frosted "Meyer Lemon" cake. I am not kidding you when I say I'm relatively certain that the frosting had Crisco in it. I cut it at dessert and served it my guests (who were the people who brought it, I was trying to be polite), and not one person finished their rather small pieces. My husband cleverly begged off when he saw the lable, saying "I don't really like lemon" -- Ha! I pushed a few bites around on my plate after tasting it, and then (since this was dessert after a dinner party) brought out the port and chocolates. Every one of the chocolates (truffles from XOX, of course, a real SF treasure) were devoured, while the cake languished on the dessert plates.

          I even tried to give a little bit to our two dogs. They sniffed at it interestingly in their bowls, took a taste, and didn't finish it! These are dogs!!!!!!

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          1. re: Mrs. Smith

            Congratulations! Your dogs are truly chowHOUNDS.

          2. I agree, I had one of their cupcakes and it was dry and sunken and tasteless. I also think their customer service could be better as they are not very friendly there.