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May 24, 2002 07:33 AM

Le Pain Quotidien?

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Do I remember correctly that in NYC they serve you a complimentary tray of their sweet spreads with your bread? Or is it only in Europe?


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  1. We usually go to the branch on Grand Street. On the communal tables in the back room there are pots of jam and (I think) dishes of butter, as well as small bottles of milk. We just reach across and ask the other customers if we can take them. The waiters don't bring them over.

    I'm not sure how it works in the front, where the tables are smaller and more individual.

    1. If you mean the chocolate spreads, that's only complimentary in Europe, I'm afraid. Weird too because it's usually in Europe that things aren't complimentary -- like rice at Chinese restaurants, etc.

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        Yes, I was asking about the chocolate and other sweet spreads.

        Darn. I guess I'll have to wait until I get back to Europe. At the LPQ here in Beverly Hills they will only sell you a single serving - rather than a whole jar - if they already have a jar open AND they charge $1.75. I just can't reconcile that.

        And yes it IS weird because they're so over-the-top generous with them - and really with everything - at the European LPQ's. I mean it's not just one jar of chocolate spread they offer you - it's a platter of like a dozen whole jars, ranging in flavours from plain milk to dulce de leche to chocolate to every variation in between.

        I once had a LONG breakfast at the LPQ in Paris in the 1st. Primarily because it was pouring rain outside - and they kept offering us more bread and telling me I should try all the spreads. PLUS they loved my dog and let her run around all over the restaurant.

        Thanks again.

      2. It's true that you technically have to pay for the single-servings of the sweet spreads at LPQ. (As CTer points out, the jam, butter, etc. are still "free", or at least out on the table for communal use). However, the little pots of sweet spread that they bring out when you order them are definitely big enough to be shared by more than 2 people, depending on how much each person wants. At the Grand St. branch, more than once, I've taken the communal dining experience to the fullest by sharing with those around me. They've appreciated getting the taste and I've appreciated not having to waste the extra spread that I can't finish.

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          Oh no no no no. At the LPQ in Beverly Hills, your $1.75 buys you enough for maybe a brioche - single serving. It's maybe 2 ounces.

          Your generosity is to be commended.