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Apr 30, 2002 09:17 PM

Chiccharones (sp)

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Anyone know where to find some crispy, tasty Chiccharones. Live in Queens but travel the city..


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  1. i, too, would love to find some...sorry i can't help, though.

    1. When I lived in NYC, last in Queens (moved this past Nov.) I enjoyed chicharrones in two places in Brooklyn. One, used to be on Court St. is gone (I visited NYC in April). In fact, that whole block is almost vacant and I am scared it will become another huge box like the Barnes and Noble and Theater building...sorry, not the place for this. (but if anyone knows what is going on there, I'd love to hear it since 2 great eateries were on the block - Brisket House and the latino place...)

      I don't know if you are talking about pork cracklings or chicken cracklings...either way I think you can get them both at Elora's in the Slope (really close to the Prospect Expwy and not far from the BQE so it isn't bad from Queens).

      The pernil (roast pork) comes with a honkin' piece of crackly skin (mmmmm). The chicken chicharrones are awesome crunchy bits of meat with skin.

      The tostones here rock too. I am not a fan of fruit maragaritas, I usually have the 'real' unfrozen kind on the rocks. But at Elora's, I order the strawberry margs by the pitcher. They are made with real strawberries and are plenty strong. My partner really liked their chile rellenos too.

      Place is small and unassuming and there is outdoor seating in the warm weather. The link below has a menu and pictures of the place which make it look nicer and brighter than I remember it. The food is great and cheap and plentiful. I miss this place a lot!


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        Thanks for the reply.. I'll give it a try next time i'm in Bklyn.. Never tried chicken chiccharones before but it sounds good.. I can't believe these things are so hard to find in NY..

        Thanks again


        1. re: Bakunin

          I also heard that Las Tres Palmas (the one whose name I could not remember that used to be on Court St.) has re-opened nearby on Livingston off of Boerum in Downtown Bklyn.

          Their pernil is really good and comes with a nice piece-o-crackling skin. Everything I have tried there is good and it is very inexpensive, but the service sucks, just sucks. Get there before 12 or after 2 if you are going for lunch!

          I used to work at the central NYC Bd. of Ed. around there, and my former co-workers gave me the scoop!

          1. re: Jill-O

            there's a bolivian restaurant in queens - on Northern blvd. b/w 84&85th st. called Nostalgias - that has amazingly salty and crunchy but soft meat inside chicharron (both chicken and pork)......

            1. re: Carli

              there is a bolivian place on 48th ave around 45th st. my bf eats them- it's called mi bolivia. haven't been in a while, though. food was good, but not like the stuff i have had at his mom's.
              his family has given high marks to nostalgias.

      2. Try El Papasito on 52nd between 8th and 9th in Manhattan. Super Dominican food.

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        1. re: Phil

          You been there lately, Phil? I once loved it, too (in fact, raved over them in my book), but reports lately have been pretty sour. I'd love for it not to be the case, though!

          I've corrected the spelling of the thread, just to aid future searchers (it's never to late in a thread to correct or update a thread title, folks!)


          1. re: Jim Leff

            I have never had the chicharrones at El Papasito, but I love their pernil. It's always moist and you can have it with very good rice and beans, or my personal favorite, mofongo. If you ask they'll give you a piece of crackling skin...delicious!

            Their soups are a bit on the greasy side--you can see the fat on top. If you can get them to go and save it to the next day you can easily scoop the fat out. Besides that the flavoring of the soups has always been very good.

            Their steak with fries, or mofongo is always good.
            As a matter of fact, I prefer their mofongo to the one in Old San Juan.

            I have also had good liver with onions (yeah I know I am a freak, I like liver) over rice there.

            I don't care for the pork chops too much as they can sometimes be tough, but that's pretty much the only item I steer away from in the menu.

            I hope that helps.

        2. Drop everything and take the express to 14th Street and 8th ave. to a hole in the wall "La Taza d'Oro" ( it translate to "The Golden Cup") the restaurant is actually on 13th street I believe. ( check with 411, the spelling of the rest. IS correct ) You will find the CRISPIEST, GARLICY and authentic Puerto Rican Chicharones under heaven. So good you will lick your chops afterwards. You might send me thank you notes...

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            David Pearlman

            Try El Castillo de Jagua, Avenue D and 8th Street. The M14 bus will get you there from a variety of subway lines.