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Apr 30, 2002 08:12 PM

mexican sweets

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Are there any dulcerias in New York like the ones in Puebla that sell all those fabulous Mexican desserts? Since about 75% of the Mexicans in NYC are from Puebla, I'm hoping there is a dulceria somewhere here.

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  1. I have not been back there in a good long while so cannot vouch for its current status, but La Flor in Woodside had about the best Mexican sweets I've eaten in NY.

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      Jeremy Osner

      You might want to check out Leon Bakery, at 9th Ave. and 48th Street. I just found this place for the first time today, so take my impression of it with a grain of salt... everything on the shelves looked very good; and the one thing I tried, a flakey tube with berry jam inside, lived up to its appearance.

      1. Six years after this post I have the same question.

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          And me too.

          Cannot find condensed dulce de leche (it looks like a white brick) anywhere.

          1. re: silencespeak

            I don't know if you're looking for something fresher or less factory made, but I've seen solid dulce de leche in next to the checkout counter at the Papa and Sons grocery at Flatbush and Lincoln Road in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

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              Found dulce de leche candies (about 60cents each) at the Dominican grocer NW corner of 173th and B'way in Washington Heights (boxes of fruits and vegetables outside help mark the spot). They also had marmalade sweets, guava paste confections, coconut macaroons and a sweet potato-coconut pudding. Really sweet, but so good. Service was friendly, prices reasonable.

                1. re: mooms

                  Whoops -- it's on the corner of B'way and 172nd, called Broadway Farm, next to the restaurant Galicia. And the sweet potato-coconut pudding, she is no more. Sniff.