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Apr 27, 2002 09:15 PM

Mallomars question

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Since I was young, I was told that there was a "Mallomars season," a time when these delicious cookies are available for purchase. The idea was that the summer was too hot for them, they melt too easily, something like that. Is this true? Am I just hallucinating? Maybe I was told this to discourage me from eating an entire box of them in two minutes, I'm not sure.

If anyone has any information it would be appreciated. (I'm eating one now).

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  1. It's true. According to the FAQs on Nabisco's website (see link below), the production of Mallomars is suspended during the summer months "because of the low melting point and possible discoloration of the pure chocolate coating."

    Link: http://www.kraftapps.com/contact_us/f...

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      Right. I remember somehow finding Nabisco's site a couple of years ago and reading that. Why is it that I still find it hard to believe?

      A childhood and adulthood total favorite. Can it really be that they can't be found in the summer? Has anyone tried? Maybe they are spreading an urban myth. Hmmm . . .

      If anyone's wondering what this topic is doing on the "What's My Craving" board, it's because reading the word "mallowmars" causes an instant craving for them, even among the most hardened souls.

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        It's true. Mallomars really cannot be found during the summer. I'm a filmmaker, and in late May several years ago needed some Mallomars as a prop. They were nowhere to be found (in NYC, at least). Several supermarket managers explained that Mallomar production was halted during the summer, and advised we give up. After several days of looking we finally found a Korean deli which had one or two old packages left over as overstock...

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          Did you eat them?

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            Nabisco is one of my clients- I'm in advertising- so i just called them and asked. Apparently, they only make them for six months out of the year starting in the fall because the chocolate would melt in their factories over the summer. They then freeze them and sell them until their supply runs out. The same is true for chocolate covered oreo.

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                It is quite true. Apparently from the end of April to the end of October they are gone. April is stock up and freezing time. 20 boxes at two Mallomars per day will last through the six month drought.

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                Chocolate covered oreos are disgusting! Mallomars rule!

                Why don't people think of freezing their mallomars -- lay in a supply for summer.
                But now that I think of it, I'm going to try freezing mallomars year-round. Although I can't find them here in Chicago anyway.

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          Mallomars are a New York (or at least northeast) thing, aren't they? I had friends in the midwest (large cities) who could never get them.

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            We have them in south FL, but I never saw them when I lived in southern IN.

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              My guess is that they started out around here in the northeast, but they are definitely sold around the country. A few years ago, in mid-October, I was in a branch of one of the major supermarket chains in Dallas and there it was, a big display of Mallomars, with a sign welcoming them back to the store for the season.

          2. Ever tried Whippets, the Canadian version , in my mind superior, and avaialable all year round ( I think) in some US stores?

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              I get the raspberry Whippets at the Fresh Market every once in a while....

            2. Rumor is they were working on a year-round recipe but keeping a shelf life in the summer would have required messing with the way the chocolate coating is made. Had they done so, I could picture the villagers with torches storming the Mallowmars factory.

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                YES its True lanzaE, now is the season... they are around all year but not as good. A&P has this week 2 for $5, as does Wegmans. They are freshest in September!!! I've made a career of testing this out...

              2. I was confused reading about cookies, because I was thinking of chocolate cups filled with marshmallow candy. Anyone know what those are called?

                I've never had a Mallomar. I must put it on my list for "one of these days".

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                    Yes, you're right! Now I remember. I used to love those, but I bet if I had one now (if they even make them any more), they'd be too sickly sweet. I sure did like them when I was a kid, though.

                  2. re: mercyteapot

                    Not "one of these days." You must do it this season. Someone out there will ship them if they are not readily available in your geographic area. Shipping can't be that expensive, as marshmallows aren't that heavy. Make sure that you have a big glass of milk ready when you eat them.

                  3. fall brings two great foods to jfood's table. Mallomars and apples. Sad but true there is a mallomar season.

                    The only thing close to mallomars are pinwheels. Not sayingthe same, saying close.