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Apr 1, 2002 01:35 PM

best frozen creamed spinach???

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I'm looking for all opinions on who makes the best frozen creamed spinach. Available in NYC will be helpful, but overall best even if I have to search for it high and low is fine too!!

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  1. I've lived here all my life and the only frozen CS i've ever seen is Seabrook Farms. It's good enough for me!

    1. Funny you should ask--I was recently wondering that myself after I bought (ugh!) Green Giant and found it disgustingly inedible.

      I do eat Seabrook for lunch sometimes, but I wish I could find one that tasted homemade. Seabrook has a subtle chemical taste, but I put parmesan or chevre on it, which helps.

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        silver queen

        Frozen chopped spinach is a decent product - - C&K is a good brand. Even Marcella Hazan approves of it for cooked dishes, and she's the pickiest cook in the world. But it only takes a few seconds to thaw the stuff in the microwave, drain, then stir in the cream, a pinch of salt, a whisper of nutmeg if you're that kind of person, then simmer on the stove for a minute or two to blend the flavors. This is one case where the real stuff is definitely worth the extra pot to wash, and takes really no more time.

        1. A brand available in my stores is "Tabachnik"--I found it much better than either Green Giant or Seabrook Farms, although it does have a decidedly onion-y taste--I add a little salt and plenty black pepper. I believe Tabachnik is Kosher and geared towards the Jewish consumer--I find it in larger supermarkets here in NYC in the frozen food "ethnic" shelves. I can also be found in smaller supermarkets that are located in neighborhoods with Slavic/Jewish clientele.

          1. Strangely enough, though I would not have believed it myself, White Rose is better than Seabrook Farms. IT's really good, actually.

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              Thanks for the tip on that one. I only use Seabrook right now, and White Rose is at least 50 cents less expensive.