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Mar 27, 2002 12:12 AM


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I have to have this at least 3-4 times a week. Help
How do I calm this craving?

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  1. I had the same constant craving, only it was daily - not just 3 or 4 times a week. Then I went on a low carb diet and, in two weeks, the cravings just seemed to disappear. So my suggestion is to go cold turkey. It only hurts for a little while.

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      Surrender. Will hot chocolate give you your fix?

      Cocoa is lower in fat than chocolate. Skim milk + a good cocoa + a little sweetener (needed to bring out the flavor) has some carbs but not too much fat. You can use something like Splenda if the sugar is unwanted.

      (FYI, cocoa has some of the cocoa butter removed. Chocolate has extra cocoa butter added.)

      You may be able to find a mix, but the quality is better if you mix your own from a really good cocoa.

      Sometimes I just go for some dark chocolate. But the high fat levels make it unwise to eat too much (even though they say the saturated fat in chocolate is not bad for your cholesterol levels, as it is stearic acid and unlike the saturated fat in dairy or meat).