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Mar 21, 2002 10:50 AM

New England seafood fix

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Like one of the women interviewed on WNYC, I too now appreciate how much I took New England seafood for granted.

The best place I've found for a fix is Pearl Oyster Bar in the Village. A second choice - not as much to my liking, but it is to some - is Mary's Fish Camp, also in the West Village.

It's not like being on the Cape in every way, but some things are and all around it will give you your fix.

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  1. As a temporarily former New Englander (20 years now) what I miss most is fried clams. I've tried .. and tried .. and tried following advice from friends and food snobs alike. But no dice. I guess I sound like a snob, but I pretty much wait for summer and head back to Chatham on Cape Cod for my seafood fix. It baffles me why the seafood is so good and the cooks so unimaginative there .. while just the reverse is true here. Oh well.