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Mar 14, 2002 05:11 AM

fresh tumeric confirmed

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Jake Pine was looking for fresh tumeric having enjoyed cooking with it while on vacation in Hawaii. Someone suggested Patel Market in Queens/Jackson Heights on 74th street 1.5 blocks north of Roosevelt ave. Just wanted to mention that I confirmed that Patel has it. They call it yellow haldi. For those who haven't seen it before, it looks like miniture ginger roots. or dried agave worms. I haven't cooked with it yet, but the smell is much lighter and fresher than the usual tumeric powder. and as the other poster mentioned, it looks orange inside.

BTW Jake, they do nearly always have fresh lemongrass too. Plus the lemon grass can be found at the Pacific Market Chinese grocery nearby on Broadway.

No malasalas or malasadas, or whatever those pastries are called, to report.

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  1. be very, very careful with haldi! you want to use the merest pinches, at most a half spoon.

    i know a fabulous recipe for a maharastrian snack that uses only stale bread, onions, turmeric, mustard seeds and a bit of salt and sugar. tell me if you are interested.

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      need you ask????

      For those for whom Manhattan rather than Queens is more convenient, the Little India store just west of Lex on 28th Street usually has fresh turmeric root in the rear, with the produce.

      They also carry some Sri Lankan stuff toward the back of the store.

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        if you've got stale white bread and want to put it to use, tear it up into pieces of - oh about an inch square. the more absorbent the bread the better; tear up enough to fill, say half a wok with the bread. put enough vegetable oil (at least a table spoons worth) to cover the bottom of your pan, and mix in a tea spoon worth of mustard seeds till they're all coated with oil. cover the pan, put up the flame and let the mustard seeds pop (you are flavouring the oil). once the mustard seeds have finished popping, turn off the flame. put in two small, finely chopped onions and one finely chopped green chilli. turn the flame back up and sautee onions till translucent. turn off (or turn to v. v. low) the flame, put in 1/2 tbsp of turmeric, and fry for thirty seconds, anxiously stirring so as to not burn the turmeric. now add the bread, with half a tbsp of salt and a quarter table spoon of sugar. mix sauteed onions in well with the bread, cover the pan, and cook on a low to medium heat till the bread is nice and soft. sprinkle with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves; you might need more salt to taste.

        we'd always get rid of the stale bread this way; you might add more green chillies if you want it hotter.

        and tell me how you made out.

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          thanks for the recipe. Sounds like a bready dokla. just to be clear-we are talking about ground haldi in this recipe, right?

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            and its waaaay better than dhokla, please ;)

    2. I've seen it regularly at Whole Foods (haven't checked in awhile but they always had it when I looked.)


      1. Thanks for the tips.

        I dont think, however, that we are all talking about the same thing here. Some people are talking about dried, others are talking about fresh tumeric root. I was asking about fresh. Obviously recipes for one do not translate to the other. As far as the fresh goes, I found the flavor to be minimal but nice and the color to be wonderful.

        Thanks wrayb for looking.


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          I'm talking about the stuff that is in the same form as ginger in the produce section. It looks similar to ginger but smaller and darker on the outside and more golden in the middle. That's the fresh stuff they had at Whole Foods.


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            Yes!!! Union Market (on 6th Avenue and Union St in Park Slope Brooklyn) sells Fresh Tumeric Root, Red Thai Chilis and Fresh Curry leaves now. Can't wait to make a curry